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Setup, Send, and Sign…Easy!

1. Setup Your Waivers
Creating an account and setting up your waivers only takes a few minutes. Once you create an account, just enter the waiver details and you’re finished.

2. Send To Customers
With a simple link any mobile device, desktop computer or even an on-site kiosk, can offer your participants an easy way to review and sign your digital waiver.

3. Securely Store Waiver
All of your waiver data is securely stored in your database and can be accessed quickly.

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It’s time to leave paper waivers behind! Online Waivers are more than just time savings. They create peace of mind.

  • Reduce Wait Time

    Send digital waivers to your customers to fill out and sign before they arrive. Send a quick link with birthday or event invitations and participants can fill out and sign waivers on their tablet, desktop or mobile device.

  • Paper vs Digital

    Trying to store and file hundreds of paper waivers can be tedious. Trying to locate one waiver months after it’s been signed can take hours. Digital waivers makes storage and secure simple. Retrieving the waiver later is even more simple.

  • Customize Your Waiver

    Quickly and easily setup your digital waiver agreement, logo and background. Launch it to your waiver kiosk in your business or send a link to your customers in advance.

  • Marketing

    Staying in touch with your customers is important. Grow your contact list digitally with digital waivers. Track your marketing for greater ROI.

Sign Online Digital Waivers

Online Digital Waivers

Blink’s Waiver Software allows you to easily create and sign digital liability waivers, release forms, and rental agreements. The days of filing away thousands of paper waivers are no longer here. Laws in the United States and many other countries make e-signatures as valid as paper and ink signatures.

Blink provides you with a reliable platform to manage all of your waiver activity and lets guests quickly complete the process. Guests can fill out a digital waiver at kiosks in your facility, or they can sign waivers at home before entering your facility. The online interface for signing waivers can be completely customized with your logo, colors, background images, and more. Our waiver system is the ideal solution for your business!

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