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Blink Web-stores attach to any existing website. Robust reporting, fully featured robust solution. Perfect for selling Game Cards, Gift Cards, Day Passes, Season Passes, Manage Capacity by resource or time and more.


Admissions, Capacity Control, Reservations, Coupons and more. Blink Cloud Web-Stores can help facilitate your online transactions.

Event Booking

Birthday Rooms, Cabanas, Special Events without double bookings. Blink Cloud Services will keep your business organized and your customers returning for more.

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Looking for new ways to increase revenue?  Let Blink Cloud Services show you how.

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Blink Cloud Services not only lets you add a shopping cart to your website we integrate with Ideal’s Cashless System and Mobile Services allowing Ideal’s POS software customers to increase sales opportunities in several easy, intuitive ways.

Debit-style cashless cards make it easy to spend money, and customers are likely to play more games and for longer as a result. Instead of having to make a cash-purchase decision with every play, customers can simply swipe their card to stay engaged. When the card balance is gone, they can simply scan with a smart phone to recharge.

“Float,” or the lingering amount of cash value left on a card at the end of a visit, gives customers an incentive to come back and play again. If you’ve enabled redeemable tickets or points to be earned along the way, then your customers have another strong incentive to return.

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